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Current & Select Legacy Investments

Bel Air’s principals have led or supported 28 ownership transitions valued at more than $270 million over the last two decades. A selection of representative transactions is as follows.

Manufacturer of industrial mixers

Recapitalization | June, 2023
Thermach Thermal Spray Coating Systems_Transparent.png

Manufacturer of thermal spray systems

Recapitalization | October, 2020
Reserve Advisors with Transparency.png

Provider of reserve studies for community associations

Buyout | October, 2019

Applicator of engineered coatings

Recapitalization | January, 2015
DPIS Logo.png

Provider of QA services for residential builders

Recapitalization | December, 2014
Exit | July, 2019
Franklin Energy Logo.jpg

Provider of energy efficiency program services

Recapitalization | November, 2007
Exit | October, 2010

Provider of paint line coating removal services

Buyout | July, 2006
Exit | October, 2014

Manufacturer of metal casting additives

Buyout | October, 2006
Exit | August, 2011
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