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You have invested your financial, physical, and emotional resources into your business ventures. Now it's time to exit.


We've been there: Founding, operating and selling businesses. 

Your mind is spinning as you consider the many options. You care about your team and want them to be front and center with the transition. Adequate capital and expertise are a must.

Bel Air partners with you to convey:

  • Good value for your company

  • Equity opportunities and operating control for management

  • Assistance finding a successor

  • Preserve your company’s culture and heritage

  • Honest, timely feedback of what we think of your business and opportunity

  • A confidential process

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The opportunity to acquire, invest in or grow the company you manage is unique.


A critical inflection point is selecting the right partner. You need dependable symmetry both personally and professionally. You'll be operating a company in tandem for years to come. It needs to be a fit. 


Bel Air invests in leading management teams. Therefore, we bring:

  • A composed, you operate the company ideology

  • Meaningful equity opportunities integrated with our investment

  • A dynamic professional network that garners value

  • A tenacious resiliency through both abundant and lean cycles 

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Advisors are the cornerstone of ownership transitions.

Bel Air was founded on relationships. We are ferociously loyal and our growth occurs organically from referrals. Our circle of influence represents the critical infrastructure of every transaction.

Ergo, our advisement to business owners is to engage quality advisors to assist in exploration and completion of a transaction. Period.

With Bel Air, you'll receive:

  • Prompt decisioning on opportunities you present

  • For occurrences that are not a match for our firm, when able, we will provide other options

  • Skillful, professional interaction with you and your client

  • Where feasible, a commitment to maintain existing advisory relationships

  • For transactions completed with Bel Air where the seller has not otherwise engaged and compensated an advisor:

    • Lehman Formula buy-side fee where you act as an intermediary, shepherding the process; or

    • Finder’s fee up to $150,000 where you provide a strong introduction

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