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A long-term approach to
private equity investing.

Bel Air Growth Partners will position your company for success.


A highly targeted approach.

Bel Air Growth Partners sponsors private equity transactions for well-positioned lower middle market companies.


Our people pursue a growth mindset reinforced with decades of relevant experience and capital stewardship. This know-how paired with depth of resources assists owners in achieving liquidity objectives, and position companies for lasting success.


We partner with owners, managers and advisors to advance companies to thrive.

Founding and operating a company is ambitious. Selling a company is equally arduous. Ally yourself with those you trust and appreciate. 

Bel Air's well-earned reputation stems from our approach, passion and enjoyment. Ask our references.

Bel Air Growth | Highly targeted approach


"Our recapitalization with Steve’s group was transformational for Franklin Energy. They brought strategic resources that enabled us to grow fivefold in three years, significantly outpacing the industry. Most importantly to me, Steve was incredibly transparent and lived up to his word at every juncture."

Paul Schueller, Founder

Franklin Energy Logo

"We worked exclusively with Steve and Steve at the front end of our recapitalization. Their personal styles and  combination of experience and youth gave us the comfort that they were the right partners. The deal we negotiated with them positioned DPIS for significant growth and regional expansion over the ensuing years."

Dale Phillips, Founder

DPIS Builder Services Logo

Tony Giordano, President

BKD Capital Advisors Logo

"Our recapitalization with Bel Air brought excitement to our organization. Bel Air's capabilities, reputation, and knowledgeable, tenured staff aligned perfectly with our business. We gladly welcomed their team to the Thermach family. They have a deep respect for our history and experience in the thermal spray industry. This recap will create a meaningful growth and expansion opportunity in several key markets."

Tim Vanden Heuvel, CEO

Thermach Thermal Spray Coating Systems Logo

"Picking a partner who shares a growth mindset was critical for our entire team. We are excited to springboard Mixer Systems into the future. Mixer and Bel Air share a passion for our respective roles as trusted partners - Mixer as a manufacturing solutions expert and Bel Air as not only a financial resource, but as experienced business owners that add value in developing future prospects for their partner investments."

Doug Duley, CEO

Mixer Systems Logo
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