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Manufacturer of wide belt sanding equipment

Buyout | November 2013


Established in 1946, Timesavers is the world’s leading manufacturer of wide belt sanding and metal deburring machines. With facilities in Maple Grove, MN and Goes, The Netherlands, Timesavers has long been synonymous with highly engineered and quality built finishing equipment. After nearly three decades of ownership, by 2012 the company’s family office ownership was seeking to divest their interest. Timesavers was characterized by: (i) global distribution network and worldwide reputation; (ii) large and attractive parts revenue stream flowing from over 50,000 installations; (iii) incentive disconnect between ownership and management; and (iv) strong CEO proposing to acquire the company.

Transaction & Post Closing 

In November 2013, Bel Air principals worked with a private equity team that sponsored the acquisition which brought liquidity to ownership and investment opportunities for management. Post-closing accomplishments to date include: (i) acquisition of coating equipment manufacturer DuBois Equipment; (ii) integration of the three facilities; and (iii) implementation of lean techniques throughout the organization. These initiatives have led to a significant growth in sales and profitability.

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